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Coastal Georgia Bible Institute


Learn from the Best!

Discover a deeper understanding of theology with our online course. Our quality instructors provide comprehensive lessons that allow you to explore the fundamental concepts of theology through video lectures, study resources, and other great interactive tools. With open registration, you can start anytime and proceed at your own pace.  

Students may register for an online course at any time.  Successful completion will be automatically credited toward Certification or Degree requirements unless the student elects to Audit the class. Regular tuition and fees will apply.
Current Online Course Offerings 
1. Agape Love as A Force for Social Justice                                      
2. A Journey through Western Christianity: from Persecuted
       Faith to Global Religion      (200 - 1650).                                     
3.  Leading Organizational Change                                                      
4.  Basic Leadership Skills                                                                                                                    5.  Religion, Conflict and Peace                                                          

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